Gemino Healthcare Finance provided a $5 million secured revolving line of credit to Nashville, TN-based BreatheAmerica, a provider of services to patients with healthcare needs.

BreatheAmerica and its subsidiaries provide services to patients with two distinct healthcare needs. The first relates to services provided under the BreatheAmerica moniker and includes treatments focused on chronic diseases affecting the airway, namely asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other related allergic and non-allergic conditions. There are five BreatheAmerica clinics located in New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.

The second group of services is provided under the Precision Healthcare label. Here, the company delivers highly skilled, clinically advanced infusion care: therapies focused on acute and chronic conditions, as well as specialty pharmacy solutions for adult and pediatric patients at 10 locations in Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas.

“BreatheAmerica is delighted to be working with Gemino Healthcare Finance,” said Mike Skiera, president and CEO of BreatheAmerica. “Because of my past experience with Gemino we did not hesitate to seek their support as we identified and evaluated future needs. Their responsiveness in the past was paramount in our decision to partner with them on this opportunity.”

Gil Brindley, vice president of Business Development for Gemino, said, “Our relationship with Mike goes back to 2009 and we are excited to have this opportunity to work again with him and the BreatheAmerica team. Gemino’s credit facility will assist his vision for the company’s future growth plans.”