Gateway Trade Funding, a PO and trade financing company, funded a $300,000 purchase order facility for PPE that was referred by a hedge fund.

A hedge fund had a fish and tackle company client that needed additional financing. The company wanted to diversify and had created a new division to sell PPE. They secured orders from Canadian universities and hospitals but needed additional funding to fulfill the orders. The hedge fund turned to Gateway Trade Funding to see if their PO financing could help.

Gateway successfully provided the fish and tackle company with a $300,000 PO facility allowing them to fulfill the order for PPE.

Because of the financing from Gateway, the company has the opportunity to work on additional larger orders with the same customers since it allowed them to prove they can provide excellent products on a timely basis.

“We are grateful for partnerships like this one that gives us the opportunity to help secure much-needed PPE and help companies grow during these changing times,” Mark Polinsky, principal at Gateway Trade Funding, said.