Everyone Counts, a provider of secure software-based elections, received a $16 million mezzanine debt round, and a $4 million equity round funding. Funding will allow company to meet demand for modern election solutions in time for next presidential election.

Boston-based Falcon Investment Advisors, led the mezzanine debt portion while Silicon Valley venture capital fund, Draper Associates, led the earlier equity round. Falcon partner Rafael Fogel will join Everyone Counts’ board of directors.

Executive Chairman Tom Tullie announced the round: “I am thrilled to bring these world class investment firms on board to partner with Everyone Counts. This new round of funding will enable us to build out our sales and marketing operation as well as accelerate the Federal certification of our eLect Quad Audit voting system. It will also allow us to meet rapidly increasing demand at a time when the majority of the nation’s purpose built election equipment is reaching end of life and a modern cost effective Software as a Service solution is the replacement of choice.”

“There is a strong global movement to modernize elections in the immediate future,” said Rafael Fogel, partner at Falcon Investments. “By funding Everyone Counts, they are now well-positioned to capitalize on this large growth market and ensure that state-of-the-art technologies are available to municipalities and voters before the next presidential election.”

Everyone Counts exists to modernize election and has made advancements in both governmental and private digital elections, enabling voters to cast ballots from laptops, tablets and telephonically.