1st Security Bank of Washington named Ben Crowl to succeed Dennis O’Leary as chief lending officer, effective July 1. Crowl currently serves as senior vice president and director of consumer lending. He previously served the bank as senior vice president and commercial lending team lead. O’Leary has served as the bank’s chief lending officer since 2013.

“Dennis has been instrumental in guiding the bank’s growth from $285 million in assets at Dec. 31, 2011, the year he joined the bank, to $2.63 billion at Dec. 31, 2022. I can’t imagine where we would be today without Dennis’s talent and contributions,” Joe Adams, CEO of 1st Security Bank, said. “In true Dennis style, the succession timing was his idea. Some time ago Dennis asked me if our board would consider him stepping back into his original role as senior vice president [and] director of commercial real estate and construction lending. Dennis mentioned a desire for more time with his family after 10 years as chief lending officer. The board and I viewed this as a ‘win-win’ for both the bank and Dennis. In this new capacity, Dennis will not only be able to pursue his passion for commercial real estate and construction lending, but also be able to assist Ben in his new chief lending officer role. It is rare a newly appointed executive like Ben has the support and guidance of an ‘on-site’ mentor like Dennis. We are excited for Dennis, Ben and the bank.”

Crowl joined the bank in 2018 and has more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry, including many years as a commercial lender, team lead and relationship manager. Crowl currently serves on the bank’s asset/liability, asset quality and marketing committees.

“I am thrilled that Ben has the opportunity to succeed me in the chief lending officer role,” O’Leary said. “Ben has proven his leadership abilities in multiple managerial roles at the bank, each time showing his unwavering commitment to our employees, customers, communities and core values.”