Crayhill Capital Management, a New York-based private credit manager and asset-based investor with a focus on renewable energy investments, appointed Erick Bauman and Ben Snydacker managing directors of a newly-formed affiliate, Crayhill Renewables, based in Nashville, TN.

Crayhill Renewables will supplement Crayhill Capital Management’s existing credit strategies by focusing on investing in and developing a range of renewable energy assets with an initial concentration in solar and battery storage. Bauman and Snydacker will partner with regional developers to finance, assist in development and acquire uncontracted early- to mid-stage assets through a co-development model that will provide development expertise and capital, project finance, transaction structuring and offtake advisory to under-capitalized developers.

“Ben and Erick have the extensive experience and unique strengths to quickly scale Crayhill’s newly launched initiative in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Their transactional experience and structuring creativity are fundamental to the flexible financing platform we are building at Crayhill Renewables,” Carlos Mendez, co-founder and managing partner at Crayhill Capital Management, said.

“Crayhill Renewables’ focus on acquiring assets, coupled with Crayhill’s existing asset-based private credit approach, allows us to provide a full suite of financing products and co-development services that we believe to be unique in the current market. Our flexibility will allow us to provide innovative financial solutions and lend a level of execution certainty to the development community that has not existed before. More importantly, we will be able to help regional project developers grow, as well as extend a helping hand to deal teams at larger, established developers that are looking to spin out,” Bauman said.

Snydacker and Bauman each has more than a decade of renewable energy finance and development experience. Prior to joining Crayhill Renewables, they were both senior members of Silicon Ranch, Royal Dutch Shell’s U.S. solar platform, where Snydacker led project financial structuring and Bauman oversaw development within PJM and M&A efforts across North America.

Snydacker and Bauman will be joined by former colleague, Hugh Tillett, who will serve as a senior associate of development. Tillett was a part of the M&A deal team at Silicon Ranch and, prior to that, was a senior project developer at Cypress Creek Renewables.