Atalaya Capital Management provided a new credit facility and total financing package of up to $200 million to LendingUSA, a point-of-sale financing provider. Atalaya previously invested $250 million in LendingUSA in 2019.

Since its inception, LendingUSA has grown to more than 10,000 merchant clients and has processed more than $2 billion in borrower loan requests.

“At LendingUSA, we are continuing to stay true to our mission of providing smart financing solutions for the important moments in life,” Camilo Concha, founder and CEO of LendingUSA, said. “Atalaya’s latest investment commitment shows the enduring strength of our partnership and their continued support to the growth of our business.”

“We have found Atalaya Capital Management to be strategic and relationship-oriented partners,” Ron Oertell, CFO of LendingUSA, said. “We’re thrilled to continue working with them toward an exciting future for the company.”

With this latest closing, LendingUSA will be poised to continue expanding its business, accelerating its growth and developing new products.

“We are excited to expand upon our long-term partnership with LendingUSA,” Raymond Chan, a partner at Atalaya Capital Management, said. “This financing allows LendingUSA to continue growing and further demonstrates Atalaya’s commitment to the point-of-sale financing industry.”