Alterna Capital Solutions, a specialty finance company, moved its headquarters to a new office at 2420 Lakemont Ave. in Orlando, FL. In addition to the move and expansion of its corporate headquarters, Alterna is reinforcing its sales and originations platform and launching a new partnership channel.

Three of the firm’s managing partners will lead the efforts, with Alterna appointing Kevin Gunter and Greg Carpenter co-chief sales officers to expand sales and originations, while tapping Lewis Chan to lead the development of a new strategic partnership channel focused on providing additional growth capital to sponsor-backed SMBs.

Based in California, Gunter will continue working directly with clients while building and leading the firm’s sales team in the western half of the United States.

Based in Texas, Carpenter will continue working directly with clients while building and leading the firm’s sales team in the eastern half of the country.

Based in Georgia, Chan will continue working directly with business owners and clients while leveraging his national network of relationships with the private equity community.

“I strongly believe that everyone does better when everyone is doing better. It’s a notion that applies to personal lives, family lives and to the turbulent world of small business ownership,” Stan Carpenter, founder and president of Alterna Capital Solutions, said. “We’ve set out to build an ecosystem where proven businesses of any age or creditworthiness have direct access to financial experts, valuable business insights and risk-free growth capital. Realizing our vision requires honest collaboration with referral partners and business owners every day combined with strategic and transparent financial solutions custom-made to evolve as a client’s business evolves. We’re fortunate to have experts like Kevin, Greg and Lewis actively developing and leading our originations and strategic partnership channels as we empower successful business owners to pursue their dreams and achieve their own version of greatness.”