Daily News: January 23, 2013

AIGCAF Provides $75MM Loan For U-Haul

AIG Commercial Asset Finance (AIGCAF) said it has provided property financing in the amount of $75 million loan for U-Haul. This loan is in addition to a $105 million loan that AIGCAF provided for U-Haul in 2012.

Gary Horton, treasurer for U-Haul, noted that AIGCAF’s expertise in this market played a key role in U-Haul choosing AIGCAF as a financing partner.

Dan Fluharty, senior vice president and co-manager of the Capital Markets and Real Property Finance Group at AIGCAF, said that AIGCAF’s experience in credit tenant lease and mortgage lending transactions contributed to its ability to meet U-Haul’s business needs constructively and quickly.

Fluharty noted, “Leveraging AIGCAF’s senior management’s 20 year relationship with U-Haul continues our focus on maintaining our long term relationships and providing financing options to our customers for a wide variety of asset classes.”