Nelson Chu
Founder and CEO

HQ: New York
646-876-5141 • percent.com/asset-based-financing

Percent is bringing the $7 trillion private credit market into the modern era with an innovative marketplace powered by an end-toend software-as-a-service platform that organizes all sides of a private credit transaction.

Founded in 2018, Percent is a financial technology company aiming to disrupt the private credit market and become the “iconic financial technology company of our time.” Through its end-to-end software-as-a-service platform, accredited and institutional investors, borrowers and underwriters are being brought together to leverage proprietary technologies, integrations and data for revolutionary transparency and efficiency. With Percent, companies of any size can raise flexible debt capital at a low cost through dynamic market pricing and standardized terms, with Percent powering more than $850 million in volume over 300 transactions in fewer than three years.

While initially launched as a platform targeting investors, Percent now provides core products for borrowers and underwriters as well. In October 2021, Percent unveiled Percent for Borrowers, a software that allows borrowers to easily manage their entire debt capital markets lifecycle on one platform. These tools and features were tailor-made to solve major pain points, including lowering cost of capital, managing reporting and simplifying debt capital management needs. Capital seekers are seamlessly connected to capital providers and technology for pricing and market demand.

Then, in January, Percent launched Percent for Underwriters, its digitally native solution designed to streamline the deal-making process for both sell-side and buy-side firms underwriting private credit transactions. This end-to-end underwriting solution brings sourcing, structuring, syndicating and servicing into one platform, reducing what once was a six-month process to one that can be done in weeks, providing borrowers with the lowest cost of capital and investors with a high velocity of deal flow to help optimize for yield.

“We look to the past for lessons to learn from, but we keep our eyes on the future to find the areas of opportunity. Private credit has not seen innovation in decades, and Percent is uniquely positioned to launch new products, to simplify the workflows and to bring the ecosystem to life in ways that were never possible before.”