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Looking for the Best Outcomes… Early Warning Signs of Troubled Companies

In a Q&A with ABF Journal, Carl Marks partner Joe D’Angelo discusses some of the many warning signs of trouble that companies face, including liquidity crises, negative performance variances, delayed monthly reporting and others. Ultimately, he says timing is critical — if you have more time, there will be more options and alternatives to improve troubled businesses.

Basis for Selection: Choosing the Right Turnaround Advisor

Experienced lenders know that sooner or later, some portion of their portfolio will become financially distressed. The causes of distress range from the macro: (e.g. increased unemployment, declining demand, etc.) to the micro (e.g. poorly executed growth initiatives, loss of core customers, etc.). Regardless of the cause, when lenders see that they have a troubled company in their portfolio, they often agree that a turnaround advisor is needed. The key question lenders should ask themselves in these situations is: What turnaround advisor is right for the situation at hand?