Tradewind Closes $2.5MM Facility for Sustainable Homewares Firm

Tradewind has closed a $2.5 million trade finance facility for a company based in China and the U.S. that sells sustainable, ecologically sourced, and manufactured homewares.

Tradewind Provides $800K Facility for Tire Supplier

Tradewind completed a deal with a China-based tire company based to provide a recurrent facility of $800,000 to support the company’s export business to the U.S.

Tradewind Provides $2MM Factoring Facility to Electronics Company

Tradewind provided a $2 million expert factoring facility for an electronics company based in Hong Kong.

Roca Joins Tradewind as Senior Vice President

Jose Roca has joined Tradewind as senior vice president in the firm’s New York office.

Tradewind Provides $200K Facility for Food Exporter

Tradewind has closed a $200,000 trade finance facility for a Peruvian exporter of grains, paprika, peppers and garlic.

Tradewind Provides $1.4MM Facility to Kitchenware Company

Tradewind has provided a $1.4 million credit facility to a home fashion products company based in Shanghai that designs and sells kitchen utensils and home accessories to buyers located domestically and in the U.S. and Europe.

Tradewind Provides $800K Credit Facility to Honey Exporter

Tradewind has completed a $600,000 trade finance facility for a high-quality organic honey exporter based in Brazil.

Tradewind Provides $1.1MM Facility to Automotive Aftercare Firm

Tradewind has closed a $1.1 million factoring facility for a company based in the United Arab Emirates that supplies automotive aftercare products.

Tradewind Provides $2.8MM Facility to Organic Food Producer

Tradewind delivered a $2.8 million export factoring facility to a Peru-based company that prepares and sells organic health food products.

Tradewind Delivers $448K Credit Facility to Icelandic Seafood Exporter

Tradewind closed a €400,000 ($480,000) accounts receivable facility for an exporter of fresh and frozen fish based in Iceland.