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Does the Current ‘Logistics Nightmare’ Have a Surprising Upside?

With the fourth quarter and the holiday season on the horizon, Ryan Davis of Tiger Valuation Servies checks in with the current state of borrowers in the retail sector amid the current disruptions to inventory and the supply chain, finding that many are in a better spot than might be expected, which could lead to positive deal flow for asset-based lenders very soon.

Have No Fear: Why the Rise of Amazon Is Good For the ABL Sector

The metamorphosis of Amazon from a bookseller to one of the largest retailers on the planet has permanently changed the business landscape. Yet ABL lenders have hesitated to lend against inventory held at Amazon’s warehouses. Tiger Capital’s Andy Babcock and Ryan Davis assuage lenders’ fears. They explain how the Fulfillment by Amazon program benefits sellers and creates a seamless, profitable liquidation process for lenders.