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4th Annual Consumer Brands Conference

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Consumer packaged goods executives from middle market companies Private Equity firms with portfolio holdings or seeking acquisitions in the consumer goods space Investment bankers with a consumer goods practice Business to business resources for consumer goods firms and their owners EVENT CHAIR: Martin Okner, Managing Director, SHM Corporate Navigators™ Click here for […]

Back to the Future: Opportunities Are Ripe for Second Lien Lenders in 2013

An upswing in competition for high-quality transaction opportunities this year led to increasing demand for yield as banks and high-yield bond investors were more aggressive in extending capital to large borrowers. Gordon Brothers’ Patrick Dalton says that in 2013, second lien lenders that understand downside risk and continue their sharp credit skills will find areas of opportunity.

Six Advantages of Financing With a Specialty Lender

In today’s very competitive environment every basis point counts, but middle-market companies must be careful not to fixate on a lender’s interest rate to the exclusion of all else. Interest rates matter and a lender must be competitive. But first and foremost, a company should consider the depth of a lender’s industry knowledge.