Petro to Lead Waterfall Specialty Commercial Finance Group

Illustrator Jerry Gonzalez shares his take on the return of Andrea Petro to the industry as leader of Waterfall Asset Management’s Specialty Commercial Finance Group after her retirement from Wells Fargo Lender Finance.

Bank Leumi Hires Fagnani to Head New ABL Division

Mark Fagnani, head of Bank Leumi’s new ABL division, has spent his career at some of the nation’s top ABL lenders. Cartoonist Jerry Gonzalez illustrates the trajectory of Fagnani’s career.

Meta Financial to Acquire Crestmark

The year kicked off with the surprise acquisition of Crestmark Bank by Meta Financial. Jerry Gonzalez provides his illustrated take on the merger.

Motley Fool: Wells Fargo Poised to Overtake Bank of America

ABF Journal illustrator Jerry Gonzalez shows Wells Fargo bulking up to take over Bank of America’s spot.

FinalCut: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Confirms Lenders in Multiple-Level Financing

Instead of an illustrated news story, Jerry Gonzalez takes us to where the wild things are…