What’s Your Interest in Interest? Lenders’ Rights to Post-Confirmation Default Rate Interest

Lenders often set a default rate of interest in a loan agreement as protection if the borrower defaults. They expect the courts to honor the rate, but it doesn’t always happen. Attorneys Jeffrey Wurst and Suzanne Mourad explain how conflicting clauses in the bankruptcy code often allow the borrower to roll back the interest rate.

What’s In a UCC Name Requirement? When to Use Specific and Generic Names

Revisions in the Unified Commercial Code have made collateral descriptions on financial statements simpler. But there are times when only specific names will do. Attorney Jeffrey Wurst explains when a generic name will suffice and when a specific name is critical to ensure a security interest.

Negative Effects of Hidden Liens: How to Identify, Avoid and Protect Against Pitfalls

Attorneys Jeffrey Wurst and Jonathan Bodner discuss how lenders can identify and avoid lending into problem situations that involve hidden liens. The authors note that these liens come in many varieties, including tax, agricultural, materialmen and construction related.

NYIC Honors Wurst with Mentor of the Year Award

Jeffrey A. Wurst received the Honorable Burton R. Lifland Mentor of the Year Award at this year’s NYIC Future Leaders Awards Ceremony, according to Ruskin Moscou Faltischek.