Internex Capital Provides $500K to Woman-Owned Lab

Internex Capital provided $500,000 to a Texas-based company that specializes in environmental lab testing.

InterNex Capital Closes Three New Revolvers Totaling $1.25MM

InterNex Capital closed three new revolving lines of credit totaling $1.25 million. The company also increased the lines of credit to four current clients.

InterNex Provides $500K Facility to Maritime Cleaning Service

InterNex Capital completed a $500,000 facility for a company that provides maritime cleaning services.

InterNex Provides $250K Facility to Transportation Firm

InterNex Capital provided a $250,000 credit facility to an Illinois-based freight transportation company.

InterNex Closes Two New Transactions Totaling $3.5MM

InterNex completed a $2 million revolving line of credit for a rental property company and a $1.5 million revolver for a medical equipment manufacturer.

InterNex Provides $1.5MM L/C to Medical Supply Manufacturer

InterNex Capital provided a $1.5 million facility to a medical equipment manufacturer.

InterNex Closes $500K Facility for Skincare Firm

InterNex Capital completed a $500,000 line of credit for a branded skincare and cosmetic product company.

InterNex Capital Closes Nine Transactions Totaling $19.7MM

InterNex Capital completed nine recent transactions totaling $19.75 million.

InterNex Provides $500K L/C to Web Hosting Firm

InterNex Capital provided a $500,000 line of credit to a company that owns and manages leading web properties hosting content and advertisements.

InterNex Closes $6MM L/C for IoT Company

InterNex Capital completed a $6 million letter of credit for an IoT company.