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The Factoring Factor: Product Resiliency, Demand & Unique Camaraderie Keeps Factoring Strong in Challenging Times

While the past year has been a challenging one for anyone involved in commercial finance, one of the few niches that has remained solid in 2012 is factoring. IFA founder and CEO, Bert Goldberg shares his views on the industry — past, present and future — and talks about the role the IFA will play in facilitating factoring’s future global growth.

What Factors Expect… Great Expectations for 2011

The 2011 IFA Business Profile & Performance Survey was distributed to factoring industry members in January 2011. The purpose of this comprehensive study was to provide factoring industry members with information that could be used to benchmark their own individual performance. ABF Journal reviewed the 150-page report to provide readers with a sampling of the data along with commentary gleaned from the survey.