BofA: Small Businesses Optimistic as Confidence Surges

According to a Bank of America survey, small business owners are optimistic their year-end revenue will surpass 2016 as confidence in the economy has surged on expectation that economy will improve in the year ahead.

Economic Uncertainty Takes Toll on Regional Banks

Reuters reported that the recent decline of U.S. bank stocks has been particularly unkind to regional banks, and that’s not likely to change soon as hopes dim for higher long-term interest rates and timely policy relief from Washington.

LPC Reports Middle Market Lenders Holding Firm on Pricing

Reuters reported that credit investors are holding firm on the rates they are prepared to lend to U.S. middle market companies after received refinancings produced lower yields.

Split Emerging in Liquid U.S. Leveraged Loan Market

Reuters reported that companies with strong earnings and good trading track records are successfully accessing the U.S. leveraged loan market at ever-tighter spreads. Weaker companies are not faring as well.

Bloomberg: Wall Street’s Trump Boost Won’t Avert Bank Job Cuts in ’17

According to a report by Bloomberg, bank stocks are on the rise after Donald Trump’s election victory drove up expectations for the industry’s profits, but job cuts are still on the table for many banks.

Economy Expands During April/May; Oil/Gas Downturn Temper Growth

According to latest Beige Book from the Federal Reserve, the economy expanded from early April to late May. The report notes the downturn in oil and gas industry tempered manufacturing growth.

Bloomberg: Appetite for Economic Risk-Taking Remains Low

Bloomberg notes in a report on a recent FOMC statement that the appetite for economic risk-taking of U.S. companies remains low, particularly when it comes to investing in new production capacity and equipment.

Economy Stalled in Q1, Odds against June Rate Increase

The Bureau of Economic Analysis said real GDP increased in Q1/15 at an annual rate of 0.2% vs 2.2% in Q4/14. According to RTT News, the odds are against the Fed announcing an interest rate increase in June.

Growing Confidence Levels: Lenders Encouraged by Strengthening Economy

The Phoenix Management Q2/13 “Lending Climate in America” survey revealed waning lender optimism; however, sentiment has taken a more positive turn over the last 12 months. The Q2/14 survey indicates that despite a few signs of caution, lenders are increasingly optimistic about the U.S. economy and commercial lending on a near-term and long-term basis.

Economy Adds Jobs Despite Steady Unemployment Rate

The U.S. Labor Department said the economy created 192,000 new jobs in March, while the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.7%. Employment grew in in mining and logging, as well as construction.