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TD Economics Forecast: Fiscal Austerity Will Slow Economic Growth in the Years Ahead

TD Economics said in its latest quarterly economic forecast that economic growth over the last year has been modest, but healing has continued as the housing market has become a tailwind rather than a headwind. The worst of the deleveraging cycle and its dampening effect on economic growth appears to be over, TD says, but, just as the U.S. economy appears set for take-off, one obstacle remains.

Phoenix Management Q2 Survey: Lenders Identify Political Uncertainty as Chief Concern Regarding Future Economic Growth

Each quarter Phoenix Management distributes its proprietary “Lending Climate in America” survey to over 2,000 lenders nationwide. In the prior two quarters (Q1/12 and Q4/11), Phoenix saw significant improvement in nearly all of the lending survey metrics, including improving economic trends, relaxed credit facility structures and accelerating customer growth plans. While overall lender sentiment remains near recent survey highs, results from the most recent survey (Q2/12) reveal a tempering of lender enthusiasm.