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2012 ABL Volume Drops; 2013 Dealflow … ‘Questionable’

Asset-based lenders have found deal opportunities rather slim so far this year, with Q1/12-Q3/12 ABL volume dropping 45% over year-ago levels. Where dealflow will come from for the rest of the year and into 2013 is questionable, as the refinancing cliff has been pushed out to 2017, leading most lenders to dismiss hopes for a meaningful pipeline in 2013 absent a pickup in M&A.

Despite Lender Hopes and Enhanced Liquidity, ABL New Money Remains Limited in 2010

The article title says it all … lenders were poised to do more business in the second quarter of 2010, yet there was limited dealflow to support a robust or even steady pipeline caused at least in part by the high-yield bond market, which pulled back mid-quarter. In short, lenders were left to their own devices to find enough deals to keep them active.