Credit Suisse-led Bank Group Ends AAC Forbearance

The Nashville Post reported AAC Holdings’ main called a premature end to the grace period extended last October because the company remains in default on its loan and hasn’t provided a three-year business plan.

Credit Suisse Agents $95MM Revolver for Sunnova

Sunnova Energy International has closed an aggregate $150 million in financing through an approximately $95 million revolving asset-based loan facility.

BofA, Credit Suisse Close $200MM Revolver for Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar closed a $200 million revolving asset-based loan facility.

Credit Suisse Agents $190 Term Loan for Upland Software

Upland Software completed a $190 million term loan with Credit Suisse, Cayman Islands Branch as administrative agent and lender.

21 Banks Close $2.2B Revolver for Groupe Casino

Groupe Casino signed a new €2 billion ($2.2 billion) revolving credit facility, which will mature in October 2023, as part of its refinancing plan. Twenty-five banks joined the syndicate.

Credit Suisse Agents Downsize of OnDeck PORT Facility

OnDeck amended its Prime OnDeck Receivable Trust II facility reducing the revolver from $180 million to $75 million.

RBC Agents $275MM Revolver for US LBM

US LBM Holdings has amended its revolving credit facility. Royal Bank of Canada served as administrative agent for the transaction.

Citibank Agents $300MM Upsize to KB Home Revolver

Citibank served as administrative agent on an amendment to KB Home’s revolving credit facility, which increased the borrowing capacity to $800 million and extended the maturity date to October 2023.

Credit Suisse Agents $750MM Term Loan for Calpine

Calpine entered into a new seven-year $750 million term loan facility. Credit Suisse served as administrative agent for the transaction.

Credit Suisse Provides $100 Facility for ZeroDown

ZeroDown received more than $100 million of debt capital from Credit Suisse to fuel the next stage of the company’s growth.