Bloomberg: BoA Calls for U.S./Chinese Economic Divorce

According to Bloomberg, Bank of America says a ‘great divorce’ between the economies of the U.S. and China will fuel global currency and rates markets in 2016.

China’s Rate Cut Fails to Stop $5 Trillion Rout

Bloomberg reported that China’s stocks extended the steepest five-day drop since 1996 in volatile trading as lower interest rates failed to halt a $5 trillion rout.

Bloomberg: China Cuts Interest Rates in Bid to Stem Rout

Bloomberg reported that China’s central bank cut interest rates for the fifth time since November and lowered the amount of cash banks must set aside, stepping up efforts to stem the biggest stock market rout since 1996.

Made in China: For Asset-Based Lenders, the Boom in Foreign Imports is a Mixed Blessing

The seismic shift in the scope and scale of overseas manufacturing continues to create opportunities for asset-based lenders. Seizing those opportunities, however, is more complicated — and risky — than it was during the era when inventory was produced, shipped and sold primarily in the United States.