CFO: Bank Internal Auditors Warned About Lending Risks

CFO reported that, according PricewaterhouseCoopers, auditors have to be more diligent in their oversight of banks because financial institutions continue to face geopolitical and macroeconomic headwinds.

CFO: How Private Equity Is Driving Value

CFO reports that a new study from Ernst & Young shows that in recent years private-equity-owned firms have outperformed their publicly held peers with the returns they generated for investors.

CFO: DIP Financing Boosts Tully’s Prior to §363 Sale

CFO Magazine reported that Global Baristas wasn’t the only saving grace in the Tully’s Coffee bankruptcy and §363 sale. According to CFO, it was the nontraditional DIP financing that kept the company afloat.

CFO: FASB Wants Banks to Forecast Loan Losses

In an article that appeared in CFO magazine, the author notes that the latest exposure draft on accounting for credit losses from FASB could bring sweeping changes to the way banks account for credit losses on their balance sheets.