Bibby Financial Provides Factoring Facility to Cigar Distributor

Bibby Financial Services announced that it funded a Quebec, Canada-based company that packages and distributes cigars and similar products to retailers.

The Great EBITDA Myth

Although some would describe EBITDA as a way to measure a company’s operating performance, free of debt cost, taxes, depreciation and amortization, veteran turnaround advisor Ted Gavin prefers to call EBITDA a fairytale told to investors and credit managers. In this no-holds-barred article, Gavin explains why …

Finding the Right Mix of Financing and Flexibility With Hybrid Loans

While traditional financing options are well suited to most companies, they don’t fit the needs of every business. As a result, lenders are increasingly providing financial products that offer new levels of flexibility. This rising tide of creative financing vehicles is giving companies more options. The advantage to businesses is clear: They can enhance their working and growth capital to fuel business plans and help maintain a competitive edge. Enter the hybrid loan.

Credit Crunch Continues for Canadian SMEs, But There Are Options

The economy is generally on the mend, yet many SMEs in Canada are still finding it hard to get the credit and financing they need to move their businesses forward. The saying, “It takes money to make money,” is being heard more and more every day. Why is this?