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The Seesaw Journey of Alternative Lenders During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, struggling SMEs and SMBs have found it more difficult to find the capital they need to survive. At the same time, alternative lenders like fintechs have had to adapt their plans in order to continue being a reliable source of financing. Such creativity will still be needed in 2021 as more opportunities arise.

From Fringe to Mainstream: The 2019 Fintech Roundtable

As fintech companies start counting their birthdays in the double-digits, both traditional lenders and regulatory bodies have had to accept the world rapid online lending has created. Ken Brause of OnDeck, Eyal Lifshitz of BlueVine and Sebastian Rymarz of Fundbox sat down with ABF Journal to take stock of the past decade or so in the fintech world, discuss some of the changes seen in 2018 and speculate on what the future may hold for the industry.

BlueVine To Offer Term Loans

BlueVine is making term loan financing available for business owners through its suite of online financing solutions. The BlueVine Term Loan provides small- and medium-sized business owners with fast and simple access to financing to grow their businesses through BlueVine’s advanced online platform.