TAB Bank Provides Revolver to California-Based Manufacturer

TAB Bank provided a $1 million revolving credit facility to a lighting systems manufacturer based in California.

First Capital Provides A/R Facility to Software Company

First Capital announced it provided a $10 million working capital facility to a software sales and service provider.

North Mill Closes More Than $15MM in Credit Facilities

North Mill Capital funded three transactions totaling more than $15 million.

The 13-Week Cash-Flow… Keeping Your Eyes on the Road & Your Hands on the Wheel

Business founders and key management are often more positive about a situation than an objective third party. However, this optimism can very quickly cause — or exacerbate — a cash-flow crisis. Gavin/Solmonese director Luke Snyder says a well-crafted 13-week cash-flow model serves as a reality check for all stake holders and highlights a logical path forward.

Crestmark Closes Six Transactions Totaling More Than $3MM

Crestmark secured a total of $3.05 million in financial solutions for six new clients since April 1.

Crestmark Closes Eight Transactions Totaling $5.6MM

Crestmark said it secured a total of $5.6 million in financial solutions for eight new clients since March 15.

Noble Funding Funds Two Credit Lines Totaling $2.5MM

Noble Funding closed $2.5 million in revolving lines of credit to two companies in March.

First Capital Closes $8.5MM ABL With Outdoor Sign Manufacturer

First Capital provided an $8.5 million asset-based senior credit facility to a manufacturer of outdoor and specialty signs. The facility is collateralized by accounts receivable and inventory.

Crestmark Funds Five Transactions in the First Two Weeks of ’13

A total of $4.55 million in financial solutions were secured for five new Crestmark clients during the first two weeks of January.

When is Enough, Enough? Is a Field Audit Program Adequate Protection From Fraud?

The losses lenders experience at the hands of dishonest borrowers can be a very large proportion of the total loans outstanding, and can monopolize a significant amount of lender time. The use of field exams and other financial reviews can help to identify problems at an early stage, thereby allowing the lender time to take action to protect its exposure.