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220 South Sixth Street, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55402


Phone: 612-851-3200

Contact Information

Ray Wizbowski
[email protected]


In Business Since: 1974

Trade Associations: SFNet, CFLA, ELFA, NEFA, AFIA, FLA, BDL, VÖL, Leaseurope

Type of Business: Global Working Capital Technology Partner (Asset-based Lending and Factoring)

Formerly known as IDS, William Stucky & Associates, and White Clarke Group, we are now Solifi – and we deliver a solid financial technology foundation to help equipment, working capital, wholesale, and automotive finance firms reach their business objectives.

Designed to better serve your asset-based lending and factoring customers with the ability to scale, our working capital software automates manual workflows, integrates with existing and future business applications for seamless processes, and gives you easy access to data insights in near real-time – in a format that works for you – to help mitigate fraud and lift hidden insights to guide your business decisions.

This is easily delivered through our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution via our holistic open finance platform. It’s where you can access everything you need in one place to start, manage, and scale all your lines of business. All without requiring heavy IT involvement or a long migration period.

We provide all the infrastructure and application management you need to streamline your daily business functions, enhance the customer experience, and take your working capital business to the next level, including:

  • Loan management – powerful tools for forecasting and monitoring trends
  • Credit monitoring – examine, monitor, track, and calculate borrowing base versus asset base
  • Portfolio analytics – real-time view of portfolio status; e.g., loan balances, in formula or out-of-formula
  • Borrower portal – a desktop or mobile application for 24/7 borrower self-service – freeing up your resources to focus on securing new business and providing personalized support where human intervention is required

At Solifi, we believe that commerce is only as strong as the system it runs on. Our mission is to reshape finance technology by bringing together proven solutions into a singular powerful technology platform that helps you protect and scale your business. We guard your company by being precise and reliable, we guide you to success by combining powerful technology with proven expertise, and we help you grow by unleashing the potential of your business.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, U.S. and Milton Keynes, U.K., with regional offices in Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, China, and India, our tools are designed to support your growth – from every line of code we write to every feature and product we offer to every technology partnership – tools that make your daily work easier and enables you to give borrowers more of what they need.