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Contact Information

Billy Quinn
Managing Director
[email protected]


In Business Since: 1993

Trade Associations: ELFA, IFA, CFA, FENCA

Type of Business: Software Provider for Commercial Finance

CODIX is an international software company, which has developed iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system. iMX an all-in-one software package for any kind of commercial finance activity: Factoring (traditional, reverse, international), Purchase Order Finance, Invoice Discounting (ID), ABL, Inventory Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Credit Insurance, Loan Management, Loans, Leasing, etc.

With full multilingual and multicurrency abilities, and based on the latest available technologies, iMX includes all the most advanced business functionalities to cover any need of a commercial finance/ABL company. The software also integrates all the tools needed to improve global productivity: Extranet, Telephony, Document Management, AD tool, etc. All implementation services are provided by CODIX’s 890+ business and technical experts, delivering turn-key systems that are fully customized to cover 100% of the client’s needs. All this comes with a fixed price/fixed time offer.

The software is currently used in 28 languages by more than 50.000 users in 50+ countries.


The Front to Back software system iMX is the global, powerful and flexible solution, which consists of 3 core modules:

  • iMX Internal Access for back-office operations
  • iMX External Access: self-care web portal for final customers, debtors and business partners
  • iMX Analysis and Decision Tool

The heart of iMX is the Expert System, a business process modelling tool and workflow execution engine, which automates even the most complex business processes. iMX handles, within its unique technical environment, 100% of the industry-standard functions of various service businesses, as well as the particular requirements of each Client.


  • Maximum level of flexibility in the usage and the customization
  • Full integration in your IT landscape
  • Increased productivity and service quality
  • Scalability from thousands to several millions of cases
  • A fully secure management environment
  • Integration of all communication tools in a unique user interface
  • APIs for unlimited interoperability with other systems
  • Web Technology Components (Spring MVC, Angular)
  • Compliance with any local regulation in any country
  • 24/7 high-level support based on remote maintenance
  • Maximum business processes efficiency and control
  • Enhanced user experience

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