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Suite 1900-PMB208
Atlanta, GA 30309


Phone: 404.790.0998

Contact Information

Billy Quinn
Managing Director


In Business Since: 1993

Trade Associations: IFA CFA

Type of Business: Software Provider for Commercial Finance

CODIX is an international software company, which has developed iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system. iMX is an innovative blend of technologies, enabling all the business processes to be managed within a single technical structure that can easily be parameterized to meet each company’s specific needs. That makes it the leading software in several industries – Commercial Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Debt Collection, Accounts Receivable, Consumer Finance, Leasing, Credit Insurance, etc.

CODIX now operates in 13 countries – USA, France, Bulgaria, Canada, Tunisia, Vietnam, Mexico, Spain, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Romania and Colombia. The company’s top-level multi-disciplinary team of over 800 professionals is dedicated to the implementation, maintenance and constant evolution of the company’s unique product – iMX. The software is currently used in 28 languages by more than 50,000 users in 50+ countries. CODIX is ISO 9001-2015 certified, which relies on its efficient quality management system.

The Front to Back ERP system iMX is the global, powerful and flexible multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, which consists of 3 core modules:

  • iMX Internal Access for back office operations;
  • iMX External Access: self-care web portal for final customers, debtors and business partners;
  • iMX Analysis and Decision Tool.

The heart of iMX is the Expert System, a business process modelling tool and workflow execution engine, which automates even the most complex business processes. iMX handles, within its unique technical environment, 100% of the industry-standard functions of various service businesses, as well as the particular requirements of each Client.


  • Provides a completely stable and scalable business software package
  • Offers the maximum level of flexibility in the usage and the customization of the system
  • Ensures full integration in your IT landscape
  • Handles each event in real time in the Expert System
  • Increases productivity and service quality
  • Uses reliable and stable technologies
  • Ensures scalability from thousands to several millions of cases within a fully secure management environment
  • Integrates all the tools a user needs in a unique user interface
  • Assures interconnection with other systems
  • WEB architecture: Web Technology Components (Spring MVC, Angular) with Java ‘applets’
  • Covers any local regulation in any country
  • Guarantees high-level support based on remote maintenance

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