Pressure Points: How Well Has the Healthcare Market Fared of Late? - Back in the spring of 2008, ABF Journal checked the pulse of the healthcare market and learned that lenders were optimistic. The real estate market was sinking, financial institutions were reining in lending, and government reimbursements were less than predictable, yet the outlook for healthcare seemed bright. Baby Boomers were aging, and people were living longer and requiring more services. Was this sector recession-proof? How did the economic downturn affect the industry, and where does it stand in 2011? Here, we examine the sector’s pressure points.
CIT Trade Finance — A Committed Presence in Uncertain Times - In 2003, ABF Journal interviewed CIT’s John Daly as its first executive profile centered on the head of a factoring unit. Daly’s opening quote was, “Factoring is a great service for any company; it just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.” That was eight years ago, and a great deal has happened since then.
Marquette Transportation Finance — Factoring Trucking Receivables for the Long Haul - After cutting his teeth at the ‘granddaddy’ of transportation financing companies, Richard Voreis, developed and has led Marquette Transportation Finance for more than eight successful years. Although the trucking industry faces economic challenges, Voreis does not envision the truckload segment, or its $350 billion annual revenues, to go away any time soon.
Thermo Credit — Filling a Need When Opportunity Rings - It all started with a good idea. And like many other companies that established themselves based on this premise, so too did Thermo Credit. Ten years ago, a group of individuals came together to discuss the possibilities of launching a company to fill what they deemed the underserved niche in telecom, and by the next year, Thermo Credit was established to fill that need within the constantly evolving telecom industry.
Hartsko Financial — ‘Moving Things Along’ With Purchase Order Finance - Through purchase order financing, Hartsko Financial Services offers up front, transaction-based capital to businesses unable to obtain bank funding. Hartsko funds clients in financial straits, as well as startups and profitable companies in need of capital to grow. And, as president Richard Eitelberg sees it, banks are not relaxing their lending parameters, leaving more prospects seeking Hartsko’s help.


Ever Expanding — EverBank Commercial Finance Forms Lender Finance Group - ABF Journal spent time with EverBank Commercial Finance's chief operating officer Jeff Hilzinger and David D'Antonio, the recently appointed managing director of EverBank's new lender finance unit. While the initial focus will be on equipment and specialty finance companies, both executives affirm this is the first of many undertakings EverBank will take on in ABL.



When Capital Runs Scarce … Purchase Order Finance Can ‘Fill the Bill’ - It’s an all-to-familiar tune these days … a borrower in distress has no access to traditional financing or supplier credit to fulfill a spike in business. Purchase order financing can provide an excellent solution to turn such companies around and back on the road to financial stability.
Balancing Act — TMA’s Ninth Annual Mid-Atlantic Symposium Attendees to ‘Seek Stability’ in Atlantic City - This year’s TMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Symposium — Creating Stability in a Seesaw Environment — will be held at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel June 8-10. To offset the gravity of slated sessions, which range from municipal budget crises to the shift in the lending landscape, the symposium planning committee has selected a political satirist to deliver this year’s keynote speech.


Making the Grade in 2011 … A Sector-by-Sector Mid-Term Report Card - For the second year in a row, ABF Journal presents an outlook on the leading account debtor sectors. This year, Donald Barrick, founder and president of RMP Capital, scores the industries and reports account debtor credit appears to be improving … just in the nick of time.


ABF Journal, NYIC Approach the Bench, Once Again … U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Accentuates the Positive - Today, as the economy inches slowly toward recovery, ABF Journal and the NYIC were given the opportunity to approach the bench once again … this time to gain Judge Rosemary Gambardella’s perspective on how things have played out since our last interview in 2009, as well as the Judge’s view on today’s realities.


Champion Enterprises: Bankruptcy Court (Mostly) Dismisses Complaint Against Prepetition Lenders Based On Alleged Inequitable Conduct - Secured lenders are certain to find In re Champion Enterprises, Inc. useful, both in its holdings and its analysis, when challenged by complaints centered on alleged inequitable conduct from creditors’ committees or Chapter 7 trustees. This case succinctly reaffirms the principle that the use of leverage in negotiations does amount to inequitable conduct.


FinalCut: Ocean Fresh Owner Gets Five Years for Defrauding Wells Fargo - ABF Journal illustrator, Jerry Gonzalez’ visual interpretation of a top-ranked abfjournal.com news story according to our visitors.