ABF Journal, 2009 Factoring Issue
2009 Annual Factoring Issue
The Full Spectrum

A Case for ABLs at the Forefront
By Joseph Iannuccilli, Industry Consultant

As ABL veteran Joseph Iannuccilli sees it, the banking system is in a catastrophic state with C&I financing needing to adjust itself more toward the asset-based lending discipline. And that’s just the beginning… (Ref # IND124)

Four Factors & An Economy
By Amanda L. Gutshall and Christopher Moraff, Associate Editors

For this year’s Factoring Issue, ABF Journal tells a tale of four factors doing business in a down economy. Each brings a unique set of skills and a different approach to their respective factoring practices and, at the same time, each shares a common commitment. (Ref # EXEC067)

Mitigating the Risk of Loan Portfolio Acquisitions (Part II)
By James D. Prendergast and Jill Sharif, First American Title Insurance Company

Now that the economy is under extreme stress, institutions are disposing of loan portfolios to bolster their balance sheets. UCC insurance can be an effective risk management tool to mitigate some inherent risks in such transactions. (Ref # INS017)

From All Facets

At the Helm — An Interview With CFA’s CEO, Andrej Suskavcevic
By Stuart Papavassiliou, Senior Editor

In October 2007, the CFA announced the appointment of Andrej Suskavcevic as its new chief executive officer. This issue, ABF Journal sits down with Suskavcevic to discuss his first 15 months at the helm of the industry’s largest association. (Ref # EXEC068)

Troubled Times Call for Leadership, Mission & Direction

John M. Collard, Strategic Management Partners

All too often, mission statements come up short with little thought given to the real point of the statement. The role of the mission statement is to provide all stakeholders with an understanding of future growth directions. (Ref # TM092)

Variations on a Theme: Factoring in Uncertain Times
Perspectives from Capstone Business Credit and Coface North America

Commercial factors today face a conundrum: Demand for their services is up, while dwindling competition has made pricing a non-issue; and yet a struggling small business sector means that factors need to rethink their market strategy. (Ref # FAC085)


Today’s ‘Accidental’ DIP Lender
By Stephen A. Leavenworth, Industry Consultant

Today’s lack of ready, willing and able players set to compete against prepetition lenders has given rise to a new breed — the “accidental DIP lender.” That said, DIP lending can be a profitable endeavor. Stephen Leavenworth explains why. (Ref # BANK026)

There are Opportunities in Acquiring Distressed Companies
By Bryan S. Gadol and Wendy R. Kottmeier, Dorsey & Whitney

The good news with respect to the M&A market is that in spite of terrible economic conditions there are still opportunities, particularly for the acquisition of distressed companies. The bad news, of course, is that M&A activity has declined significantly. (Ref # LGL095)