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May 2008

Vol. 6 No. 5
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ABF Journal, May 2008
May 2008

ABLs Find New Borrowers Eager to Migrate

Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

By Stephen J. McCabe, Freelance Writer

The walk downhill in today’s economy might not be any easier than the inevitable climb out. As a lack of liquidity has rendered the market a cracked and scorched terrain, it’s up to ABLs to keep a lookout for the best deals under the surface. (Ref # IND112)

The Seven Must-Haves for Lenders
By Richard Eitelberg, Hartsko Financial Services

As more and more businesses struggle due to a lack of capital, it’s time for lenders to look at other options to support these companies. Hartsko’s Richard Eitelberg looks at seven reasons to work with purchase order finance companies. (Ref # FAC080)

ABLs Have the Opportunity to Step Up & Lead the Charge
By Susan C. Alker, Reed Smith

With major banks needing to raise capital or cut back on assets to cope with the strains, it’s getting tougher to secure acquisition financing. These days the climate may be right for ABLs to step in and lead the charge. (Ref # IND113)

Networking, Education, Fun Highlight TMA’s Sixth Annual Mid-Atlantic Symposium

Hosted by the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Chesapeake TMA Chapters, this year’s Mid-Atlantic Symposium once again offers a variety of
educational, social and networking opportunities.(Ref # TM080)

Smaller ABLs Sift Through Opportunities as Uncertainty Takes Its Toll
By Darryl Seland, Freelance Writer

With the Fed chairman recently using the dreaded “R” word for the first time, the asset-based lending industry is bracing for an uncertain future. However, for many of the small- to mid-market lenders, a silver lining of opportunity is present in the turmoil of the recent and soon-to-come economic landscape. (Ref # IND114)

What a Difference a Year Makes…
ABF Journal’s Mid-Year ABL Marketplace Report (Ref # IND115)

Profile of Success

A Steady Hand in Turbulent Times
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

When Don Morrison was recruited by GMAC Commercial Finance, he was thrilled at the prospect of joining what he sees as the nation’s premier finance company. Today, this former management consultant serves as executive vice president of GMAC’s Commercial Services Division.
(Ref # EXEC057)


Spotting Turnaround Talent
By Alvin H. Spector, Lantern Partners

While many turnaround professionals can claim to have “been there, done that” in shaky credit markets, younger professionals have only seen the good times. So are they the right people for the job of bringing a company back above water? (Ref # TM081)


Take This Cash & Shove It
By Benjamin D. Feder and Lauren M. McEvoy, Thompson Hine

In every Chapter 11 case, there are issues regarding which creditor gets what and who gets it first. But in a recent case, the roles have switched, with the bondholders trying to get the senior lender paid first … with mixed results. (Ref # LGL084)

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