ABF Journal, March 2008
March 2008

Annual Bankruptcy Issue
When Borrowers Come up Short

ABL Structures Provide Haven as Market “Norms” are Redefined
By Maria C. Dikeos, Reuters Loan Pricing Corporation

Although 2007 will be a year remembered for unsteady credit markets, ABLs found their way through the ups and downs. (Ref # IND109)

Opportunities Ride on the Winds of Danger
By Ricardo S. Chance, KPMG Corporate Finance

Surviving in what may become the most severe real estate recession since the Great Depression, requires creative investment strategies that exploit opportunities while mitigating the many financial perils facing the industry. (Ref # IND110)

Keep These Four Topics Fresh When Using Inventory as Collateral
By Eric Marschke and Alex Sutton, AccuVal Associates

When considering the dynamic nature of the current economy, today’s asset-based lenders need to consider all of the significant factors that could impact inventory as collateral… (Ref # APP037)

Turnaround Professionals Prepare for Increase in Activity
By George Evanko, Susan Carol Associates

Twelve months ago, using the word “recession” in a business discussion would have been as strange as talking about something called an “iPhone.” But all that has changed, and the first group of people to recognize this may have been turnaround management professionals. (Ref # TM076)

Is Switching Job Focus Absolutely Necessary?
Michael A. Toglia, Molloy Associates

When following your eventual career path, is it a good or bad thing to “change lanes” either within or outside your company? Mike Toglia discusses the pros and cons. (Ref # CARM006)

Avoid Surprises: Information You Need to Manage Borrower Relationships
Kris Coghlan, FTI Consulting

In working with troubled companies, it’s not uncommon to run across lenders who are surprised by some of the business and accounting practices in place at their borrower. How do you avoid these surprises? (Ref # TM077)

Profile of Success

Scaling the Heights With Skill & Passion
By Stuart P. Papavassiliou, Senior Editor

With certainty and clear decisiveness, CIT’s Penny Friedman knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to admit it. (Ref # EXEC055)


Factors to Convene in San Diego
By Bert Goldberg, International Factoring Association

The IFA’s 2008 Conference will be held at the legendary Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island. In its 14th year, the conference promises fun, sun and of course — networking opportunities for factors. (Ref # FAC074)

Properly Positioning a Distressed Company for Sale
By Jeff Jones, Barrier Advisors

Lenders and investors must stay ahead of the game. And that’s even more important when preparing a distressed company for a sale. Barrier Advisor’s Jeff Jones brings ABF Journal readers part two of a three-part series. (Ref # TM078)


In World of Complex Financings… Secured Lenders Beware
James C. Hale, Corporate Finance, LeClairRyan 

In today’s environment, the implications of the agreement among lender parties have gained substantial significance. As lending covenants and conditions change with the market, so too should the terms and relative interests of credit parties in complex financings. (Ref # LGL082)