ABF Journal, January 2008
June 2008

Exploring the Value of IP Assets

A New Online Marketplace for Trading Accounts Receivable
By Paul Ellis, The Receivables Exchange

The Receivables Exchange was launched in an effort to provide an online marketplace to auction commercial A/R or trade credit. The venture represents a new way for borrowers to gain quick access to working capital outside of traditional sources. (Ref # IND116)

Maximizing the Value of IP Assets
By Karol K. Denniston, DLA Piper

As the market for intellectual property assets continues to develop, intellectual property will play a greater role in the valuation and borrowing capacity of companies in this asset class.

(Ref # APP038)

Who’s Minding the Stores?
A Q&A With Cheryl Carner, Managing Director, Retail Finance, CapitalSource
ABF Journal checked in with CapitalSource’s Cheryl Carner to get an insider’s view of the struggling retail sector and how lenders in the space are responding. Carner gives us some good with the bad. (Ref # RETAIL013)

The Retail Continuum: Staying Ahead in Today’s Market
By Spence Mehl, RCS Real Estate Advisors

The current market has brought both pros and cons for the retail industry. As long as buyers remain — and tenants are allowed to remain in their stores — there can still be real reasons for optimism in this sector. (Ref # RETAIL014)

Into the ‘New Economy’ … The Universe of Intangible Assets
By Weston Anson, CONSOR
As the rules and regulations for intangible assets continue to change, it is important for corporations to stay on top of the revisions in order to update their financial and economic reporting systems. What do these changes mean for lenders? (Ref # APP039)

Have Severance Packages Seen Their Day?
By Douglas May, RVI Group
Have severance packages gone the way of the dinosaur as they are based on concepts conceived more than 70 years ago? Furthermore, how can companies get on the right track and offer their employees a better package for both parties?
(Ref # CARM007)

Profile of Success

BofA Business Capital Selects Denby to Head New Division
By Amanda L. Gutshall

After Bank of America acquired LaSalle Bank in October 2007, it decided to focus on the smaller middle-market sector by establishing the Business Finance Division, headed by Bruce Denby.

(Ref # EXEC058)



A Fork in the Road: IP Assets as Credit Support
By Christopher G. Dorman, Phillips Lyttle

Since intellectual property assets are now recognized in the UCC, more and more creditors and debtors are going to look at IP as another form of collateral. Will this fork in the road lead to a familiar path? (Ref # LGL085)