ABF Journal, September 2007
September 2007

International Restructurings
U.S. Turnaround Firms Nurtur
Opportunities Both Here and Abroad

The Changing Landscape of Restructurings in Europe
By Kevin Hewitt, FTI Consulting, Inc.

As debt markets become more sophisticated in Europe, restructuring situations have become more complex. FTI’s Kevin Hewitt discusses these changes and the challenges now faced by European companies, stakeholders and advisors in adapting to more complex restructurings. (Ref # TM070, INTL036 )

Foreign Concepts: Turnaround Management & Chinese Business
By Jon B. Anderson, Lake Pointe Partners, LLC

For turnaround management practitioners, the dynamics of the Chinese marketplace are presenting new performance improvement opportunities for underperforming companies on both sides of the Pacific, but not without creating the need to navigate significant cultural and logistical differences. (Ref # TM071, INTL037)

How Negative Family Business Dynamics Can Impact EBITDA
By Thomas Bonney, CMF Associates

When dysfunction carries into a family-owned business, it can have a negative effect not only on employee morale but even more so on EBITDA. In many cases, it’s necessary for lenders to identify a company in dysfunction and guide its owners on the path to civility. (Ref # TM072)

So, You Want to be in Pictures? Capital Markets Take Center Stage
By Richard D. Rudder, Baker & McKenzie

And now for something completely different… ABF Journal takes a look at how film financing helped two well-known entertainment firms get their cinematic endeavors to the big screen. (Ref # CAP013)


Five Recommendations to Boost Deal Generation in Today’s Restructuring Environment
A Q&A With Randall Katz, RK Capital PartnersWith an abundance of distressed debt funds and ever increasing competition from unconventional sources of turnaround capital, investment firms are placing increasing value on generating proprietary investment opportunities and creating new angles on existing ones. (Ref # COMP023)

Web Services Extend Automation Beyond Your Office Walls
By Russ Opper, Bayside Business Solutions, Inc.

With Web Services systems automating the majority of the processes within the commercial finance industry, daily tasks and approvals become easier than ever. Bayside Business Solutions’ Russ Opper describes the benefits of integrating a Web Services platform into your company.

(Ref # FAC069, TECH011)

‘At Home’ in the Asset-Based Lending Industry
By Stuart P. Papavassiliou, Senior Editor

In early 2005, Citi launched a de novo operation to expand its presence in the small to medium enterprise footprint. This month, Kathleen Lepak shares her journey to business head of Citi Commercial Asset Based Finance as well as her unit’s position within the financial services giant.

(Ref # EXEC052)

Ponzi Schemes — Proving Their Existence in a Bankruptcy Case
By Patrick M. O’Keefe and Russell D. Long, O’Keefe & Associates, and Michael S. McElwee, Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett

A Ponzi scheme is a Ponzi scheme is a Ponzi scheme … but they’re not always easy to prove in a bankruptcy court proceeding. (Ref # BANK018)

eDiscovery for Careful Lenders (Part II)
By Jeffrey G. Close, Chapman and Cutler

Careful lenders need to know what is “new” about eDiscovery and why it is important to prepare for it now, even for a lawsuit that has not yet been filed. Part II of this article discusses what constitutes ESI inventory and what requirements are needed for a well-prepared ESI inventory. (Ref # LGL077)