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November/December 2007

Vol. 5 No. 10
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ABF Journal, November/December 2007
November/December 2007

Specialty Lending ProductsComplement Borrowers’ Needs


Retailers Move Toward Purchasing Forecasts
By Stevan Buxbaum, Buxbaum Group

In the day and age of every retailer and designer having its own “label,” liquidating inventory has become a hard sell. Establishing a way to shed excess stock up front may be the only saving grace for lenders in the future (Ref # RETAIL012)

Valuable Players: The Evolution of Commercial Finance
By Justin Button, Wachovia Capital Finance

Justin Button assembles a group of industry leaders who offer a play-by-play recap of asset-based lending’s evolving image — from the lender of last resort to a valued player in the capital structure. (Ref # IND104)

Purchase Order Finance Provides Opportunities Even as Clouds Roll By
By Edward P. King, King Trade Capital

There are a variety of lending options when the economy is rising steadily, moving along by its own means. But what about when it takes a downturn? Edward King provides insight on how the company serves the needs of its customers using purchase order financing. (Ref # FAC072)

ABLs Prepare to ‘Go the Distance’ in Europe
By Graham Wedlake and Nick Moser, Taylor Wessing

SRI’s recent asset-based lending Summit was a timely conference for industry professionals given the rapidly changing market conditions in the three to four weeks preceding it — so much so, that one of the delegates tore up his notes as they were already out of date. ABF Journal asked Graham Wedlake and Nick Moser to sum up the conference highlights. (Ref # INTL038)

Profile of Success

UPS Capital: Adding New Links to the Global Supply Chain
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

Each day, it seems the world gets just a little bit smaller, and at the same time, a bit more complex. UPS capital has found a way to bring some simplicity to this complexity through its Global Supply chain Finance Group. Managing Director Chris Vukas explains how.
(Ref # COMP026)

New on the Scene

Getting into Healthcare… Marquette Financial Enters a Whole New Ballgame

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, bringing with it constant technological and regulatory changes, it has become tricky to succeed as a lender in that space. Marquette Financial intends to buck the trend, bringing ABL products to healthcare borrowers.
(Ref # COMP0025)

Special Series

Secured Lending in Europe
Everything you Need to Know About Secured Lending in Italy

By Neil James, CMS Cameron McKenna

In this sixth and final article in ABF Journal’s series on lending, security and bankruptcy issues in europe,
we look at key issues for asset-based lenders when transacting deals in Italy. Should these ABLs expect to lead la dolce vita?
(Ref # LGL079)

Data Entry Goes ‘Paperless’ in the 21st Century
By Russ Opper & DeBora Musikar, Bayside Business Solutions

For quite some time now, we’ve been hearing about the “paperless” world. Yet, many businesses are still drowning in paper. Can we be saved? (Ref # FAC071, TECH013)


Le-Nature’s: What a Long, Strange Bankruptcy It’s Been
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

Fraud, bid tampering and model trains — oh my! Christopher Moraff summarizes the bizarre twists and turns of the highly complex Le-Nature’s bankruptcy. (Ref # BANK019)

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