ABF Journal, May 2007May 2007
It’s a Jungle Out There!
Distressed Debt Market Offers Rare & Risky Rewards

Are Distressed Debt Opportunities Ever in Distress?
By Stephen J. McCabe, Susan Carol Associates

There are distressed markets, and there is distressed debt. But is there really such a thing as a distressed market for distressed debt?  ABF Journal recently asked a variety of leaders in the distressed debt marketplace to share their insight. (Ref # IND093)

Learning From Life’s Simple Lessons Yields a Fresh Approach to Commercial Finance
By Amanda Gutshall, Assistant Editor

J. Tol Broome Jr. has always had an interest in learning. It’s not a surprise that as president of BB&T’s Commercial
Finance unit, he finds himself constantly doing just that. (Ref # EXEC049)

What Happens When the Music Stops?
By Stevan Buxbaum, Buxbaum Group

Are new players in the asset-based lending market ready for the expected economic downturn? (Ref # IND094)

Wachovia, Landsbanki Form Alliance to Structure International Transactions
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

In early March, Wachovia Capital Finance issued a statement announcing it had entered into a strategic alliance with Landsbanki Commercial Finance. Turn to page 22 to find out more. (Ref # INTL034)

New Surprises, Opportunities Abound at TMA’s 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic Symposium

Hosted by the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Chesapeake TMA Chapters, this event boasts a new educational program and a variety of “tasty” networking opportunities. (Ref # TM065)

The Importance of Finding the Best Lender, Not Just the Best Rate
By Tom Quindlen, GE Commercial Finance Corporate Lending

How do companies ensure they’re choosing the right lender? Perhaps more importantly, how do borrowers find a lender who will value them both in good times and when the market shifts? (Ref # IND092, COMP022)

Special Series: Secured Lending In Europe
Everything You Need to Know About Secured Lending in Belgium

By Neil James, CMS Cameron McKenna

The ABL market in Belgium may be smaller than other European jurisdictions, but the straightforward approach taken by Belgian law suggests this is a market asset-based lenders ought not ignore. (Ref # INTL033, LGL072)


Effective Decision-Making Processes Can Help You Avoid Systematic Errors
By Meagan Hardcastle, O’Keefe & Associates

This article highlights some key findings from behavioral science studies conducted on the decision-making process and how even intelligent, competent people inadvertently make decision errors.
(Ref # TM066)

Is It Debt or Equity?
How the Classification of Hybrid Securities Can Turn a Good Company Bad

By John E. Moose, Huron Consulting Group and Patrick M. Jones, Lord Bissell & Brook LLP

A company that appears to be flying high in the black might actually be neck deep in the red if its financing relies heavily
on “hybrid” securities. We review three cases that may guide individuals charged with directing a company’s operations
to determine how hybrid securities should be treated. (Ref # LGL073)