ABF Journal, June 2007 June 2007
Finding the Right Mix…
A Look at Some Innovative 
Products & Services

The Dawn of a New Subspecies
By Gene Goudy, ARI Global, Inc.

Launched in May, this 21 st century T-REX is an auction-style website for trade creditors with a concept of providing real-time bidding and other options for insolvent debtors, distressed debtors and investment grade debtors. Turn to page 9 to find out what users have to say about this new creature. (Ref # APP034, TECH009)

Hunters and Farmers — Third-Party Recruiters With HR Professionals
By Michael A. Toglia, Molloy Associates, Inc.

The development of a system in which corporate recruiters and third-party recruiters can work together effectively as strategic partners is essential. Outside recruiters (the hunters) can assist corporate recruiters (the farmers) achieve their ultimate goal. (Ref # GEN010)

The Technology Revolution in Global Logistics Will Change Your Business
By Greg Johnsen, GT Nexus

Chances are you’re not aware of a revolution that’s taken place in supply chain management in the past few years. But ABLs could benefit from finding out what’s going on under the hood of the great logistics machine that drives the international movement of goods. (Ref # TECH010)

Four Lessons for Healthcare Lenders
By John L. Palmer, NachmanHaysBrownstein, Inc.

There are borrowers who have character, and there are characters that are borrowers. This is a story of the latter and how a character can cause problems for healthcare lenders. (Ref # LPS027, TM067)

How a UK-Based Equipment Rental Company Used an ABL to Grow Its U.S. Business
By Joyce White, Bank of America Business Capital

As more rental equipment companies continue to grow and expand lenders need to be ready to prepare facilities that offer flexibility to such borrowers. Bank of America Business Capital did just that when it aided Ashtead Group’s acquisition of NationsRent. (Ref # DLS022)

New Name, But Values & Goals Remain Constant —

RBS Brings ABL Units Under One Umbrella
By Amanda Gutshall, Assistant Editor

In mid-April, Citizens Financial Group announced it changed the name of its asset-based lending unit to RBS Business Capital. This month, ABF Journal’s Amanda Gutshall spent some time with Dan Landers, its president. (Ref # EXEC050)


Using State Receivership Statutes to Maximize Insolvent Debtor’s Estate Value
By Meagan Hardcastle, O’Keefe & AssociatesWhile the enactment of BAPCPA in 2005 led to predictions of a new golden age for receiverships, these predictions have yet to be fulfilled. Ken Naglewski explores the use of state receivership laws as an effective and less costly approach.

(Ref # TM068)

The Unspoken Truth… Training, Skills & Efficiency for ABLs
By Joseph R. Caplan, Clear Choice Seminars, Inc./FinSoft, LLC

While HR staff members may shudder at the phrases “skills assessment” or “self assessment,” Joe Caplan provides a valid
argument for their use, and offers options to bring all employees up to speed. (Ref # IND095)

Is It Debt or Equity?

How the Classification of Hybrid Securities Can Turn a Good Company Bad
By John E. Moose, Huron Consulting Group and Patrick M. Jones, Lord Bissell & Brook LLP

A company that appears to be flying high in the black might actually be neck deep in the red if its financing relies heavily on “hybrid” securities. We review three cases that may guide individuals charged with directing a company’s operations to determine how hybrid securities should be treated. (Ref # LGL074)