ABF Journal, July/August 2007
July/August 2007

Stalwart & Steadfast …
ABLs Brace Themselves
As Uncharted Waters Lie Ahead

2007 Executive Roundtable & Industry Survey

A View From the Helm… Rough Seas Ahead?
By Stephen McCabe, Freelance Writer

With a strong economy, high levels of capital and even more competition than ever, lenders are finding they’re making money even with tighter margins. But can the storm clouds be far off? Stephen McCabe checks in with 12 industry leaders to find out. (Ref # IND096)

Small – to Mid-Sized ABLs Sail Steadily Onward
By Darryl Seland, Freelance Writer
ABF Journal touched base with the other end of the market — five small- to mid-sized asset-based lenders — to gain their perspective on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. (Ref # IND097)

Optimized Capital Structures… A Question of Balance
By Timothy W. Stute, Milestone Advisors

While earnings and cash flow are always going to be the most important metrics in determining value for
a potential buyer, acquirers of commercial finance companies are becoming more focused on a potential
target’s capital structure. Milestone Advisor’s Tim Stute explains why. (Ref # IND098)

Special Series: Secured Lending in Europe

Everything you Need to Know About Secured Lending in the Netherlands
By Neil James, CMS Cameron

This month, Neil James’ special series on secured lending takes us to the Netherlands — one of Europe’s
more creditor-friendly jurisdictions. As the size and complexity of European ABL deals grow, the
Netherlands is set to play an important role in the development of the market.
(Ref # LGL075, INTL035)


Capital Business Credit Sees Success Through Scale and Leverage
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

There are not many people who can say factoring is the “family business,” but Andrew Tananbaum is one of them. ABF Journal’s Chris Moraff follows this industry leader’s return to his roots.

(Ref # EXEC051)

Mining ‘the Gold’ in Troubled Companies
By John M. Collard, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.

Investing in underperformers has become a more acceptable practice. It can be very profitable if you know what to look for and how to execute, as many buyout firms are finding out. While this sounds simple, it can be tricky to implement… (Ref # TM069)

eDiscovery for Careful Lenders: Prepare Today for Litigation Tomorrow (Part I)
By Jeffrey G. Close, Chapman and Cutler

Ask not for whom the clarion bells ring. If you’re a careful lender, they ring for thee! Careful lenders need to know what is “new” about eDiscovery. Part II of this two-part series will appear in ABF Journal’s September issue. (Ref # LGL076)