ABF Journal, April 2007
April 2007

Receivables to Cash…
The Magic of Factoring

Smart Deals, Fast Service…
An Interview With Eyal Levy, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Platinum Funding Group

The key to success is serving clients and serving them well. The company achieves this success by knowing its clients and closing deals swiftly. (Ref # EXEC041, FAC059)

A Simple Motto Taken to a New Level
An Interview With Jason M. Floyd & D. Michael Monk, Managing Directors, Amerisource Funding

The slogan “Freedom to Grow” is more than just a catchy phrase — it characterizes this company’s approach to factoring and asset-based lending. (Ref # EXEC042, FAC060)

Adding to the Mix… One Product at a Time
An Interview with Jim Rothman, President, Capital TempFunds

What’s the best way to get and keep customers — find a helpful solution to one of their biggest challenges. That’s exactly what Capital TempFunds did when it launched its captive insurance program. (Ref # EXEC043, FAC061)

Lending to Factors: A Graceful Balancing Act
An Interview With Andrea Petro, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Foothill Lender Finance

As a lender to factors, Andrea Petro discusses the current climate for lending and the factoring industry as a whole. (Ref # EXEC044, FAC062)

When All is Said & Done: Sterling Reaches Beyond the Deal
An Interview with John La Lota, President, Sterling Factors

For Sterling Factors, it’s all about the customer. And, this factoring company knows just how to understand its
customers’ needs. (Ref # EXEC045, FAC063)

A Voyager Finds His Home at Systran
An Interview With John Enyart, Division President, Systran Financial Services

In the past, John Enyart was a man on the move. Find out why he now calls Textron’s Financial’s Systran
Division home. (Ref # EXEC046, FAC064)

NFA Provides What’s Lacking In the Industry
An Interview With Bud Wilson, Co-Founder & President, National Funding Association

in the early 1990s, there was a need to find a place where commercial finance professionals could regulary network
with peers. Hence the establishment of the National Funding Association. (Ref # EXEC047, FAC065)

Narrowing the Gap Between Lender & Customer
An Interview With Adam Winters, Executive Vice President, Merchant Factors

You could call him a “new kid on the block” in the industry, but Adam Winters would tell you he has much more
experience than meets the eye. (Ref # EXEC048, FAC066)

New on the Scene

Two Steps Ahead…

Creativity, Diverse Product Offerings Push Royal Bank America Forward
By Marc Sanders, Royal Bank America

These days, product offerings may very well be the key to success. Royal Bank America tells us its strategy when it comes to business
banking. (Ref # COMP021)


CIT Commercial Services:

Taking Credit Protection & Factoring Services to the Global Marketplace
By Ann-Margret Crater, CIT

For our lead story, ABF Journal speaks with two factoring executives to find out more about CIT’s global reach and its plans
for the future. (Ref # FAC067)

Where Will Factoring Go From Here?
By Ron Vanek, GMAC Commercial Finance

Are there challenges for today’s factoring providers? Yes, but the future looks positive for the lenders properly positioned.
Turn to page 15 to find out how today’s providers will succeed tomorrow. (Ref # FAC068)

Fitch Ratings Criteria Report (Part II)
By Timothy Greening, Lisa Matalon, Amol Joshi, Mark Oline and Eric Tutterow, Fitch Ratings

This month, ABF Journal concludes its presentation of Fitch Ratings Criteria report for U.S. DIP loans. part I appeared in the
March issue. (Ref # CRD029)


In Wine There is Value…
By Joseph Ingrassia, Capstone Business CreditOne niche wine company solved its “cash crunch,” tripled sales and built brand equity with a little help from its lender:
Capstone Business Credit and affiliate Capstone Trade Partners.

(Ref # DLS021)

Which Master Do You Serve?
By Patrick M. Jones, Lord Bissell & Brook LLP

State and federal courts have confused the matter of fiduciary duties by neglecting to define its core tenants. This article explains which masters corporate fiduciaries should serve and when, and defines the parameters of the mysterious “zone of insolvency.” (Ref # LGL071)