ABF Journal, December 2006
December 2006

A Final Take on 2006


The Intricacies of Healthcare Financing: Four Things You Must Know
By Adam Field, Medical Capital Corporation

Highly segmented and regulated, the healthcare industry places many challenges on specialty finance companies. Not only do they have to recognize their client’s needs, these finance companies must also understand the needs of healthcare industry segments as well. (Ref # IND086)

Decrease Unnecessary Risk:

Utilizing Credit Insurance to Assuage Potential Balance Sheet Woes
By John Caffrey, Euler Hermes ACI

While there’s no easy way for lenders to monitor a borrower’s risk, there are solutions that can secure both parties. credit insurance provides one such solution. (Ref # INS013)

Credit Market Uncertainty: Strategies for Businesses

to Continue Growing During an Economic Downturn
By James D. Cockey and Phil Wardon, Bank of America Business Capital

What happens when that credit is difficult to obtain? This article discusses the current credit cycle
and provides insight into how borrowers might prepare for market changes. (Ref # IND087)

Know Your Funding Prospect:

Due Diligence, Background Checks ‘De-risk’ Potential Opportunities
By Joseph A. Genovese, Research Specialists, Inc.

Capital preservation for lenders, factors and other investors is paramount. The protocol, process and execution of
the due diligence process often dictate how successfully a transaction is “de-risked.” (Ref # FRD015)

Simple & Systematic… Using NPS to Effectively Measure, Leverage Customer Loyalty
By Tom Quindlen, GE – Corporate Lending

Ge Corporate Lending has one overarching goal: to transform all its customers into advocates,
and it measures customer loyalty with a system called Net Promoter Score. Tom Quindlen explains the system, its function
and benefits on page 14. (Ref # IND085)


Recover & Preserve Value: Working Successfully With Turnaround Professionals
By John M. Collard, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.

In Part Two of this article, John collard discusses how a turnaround specialist operates and forges an agreement, and sheds light on why some businesses don’t use these specialists. Part one appeared in ABF Journal’s November issue. (Ref # TM062)

In Re Demerico Holdings: Bankruptcy Court

Takes Risk out of Filing an Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition
By Andrew K. Alper, Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato, LC

There are many reasons why a creditor may want to file an involuntary bankruptcy petition against a debtor. A recent
case in Illinois appears to have cleared up any concerns creditors might have regarding the risk of possible dismissal
by the court. (Ref # LGL064)