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February 2005

Vol. 3 No. 3
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ABF Journal, February 2005
February 2005

Niche Lenders…Hitting the Mark In Select Industries


Answering Your Customer’s Call:

GE’s Global Media & Communications Group Delivers “Call Center” Expertise
By Robert V. Stefanowski, Business Leader, GECF Global Media & Communications

Many leading media and communications companies are taking a closer look at a seemingly routine channel for customer contact — the call center. When the professionals at GE Commercial Finance Global Media & Communications started hearing about this issue and concern from their lending customers, the group sensed an opportunity for a customer service initiative — and yet another
chance to utilize GE’s Access GE program.(Ref # COMP009)

2005 CFO Outlook: Bullish On Economy, Less Optimistic About Manufacturing Sector
By Jeffrey Wilson, Senior Vice President, Bank of America Business Capital
While chief financial officers of U.S. manufacturing companies are optimistic that the economy will continue to expand over the next year,
their outlook for the U.S. manufacturing sector is less upbeat. So says the seventh annual “Survey of Manufacturing Company CFOs,”
commissioned by Bank of America Business Capital.

(Ref # IND058)

Basel II & You:
Perfect Together? Perhaps Not If You’re an Institutional ABL

By Michael J. Bedore, Vice President & Head of ABL, PB Capital Corp

Once the domain of cerebral risk management departments in far away cities, the Basel II capital rules will soon come home to roost. And, the impact of Basel II will be particularly hard felt by the asset-based lending community, which typically caters to perceived “high risk” stressed and distressed borrowers.
(Ref # IND059)

Asset-Based Lending to Retailers:
Looking Back at 2004, Forward to 2005
By Ward Mooney, President, Bank of America Retail Finance Group

By the end of last year, asset-based lending to retailers had evolved into the world of capital markets, and the structure was being explored by a widerange of sophisticated borrowers. In 2005, the product that began as a struggle for lenders, and clients, is now a preferred alternative to cash flow unsecured structure in many new retail financings.
(Ref # RETAIL008)

Integrity & Unselfishness…
Imperative Traits for Developing True Leadership

By Jay Holmes, Managing Director, Overlord School of Leadership

From Napoleon Bonaparte to Harry Truman, leaders throughout the ages have had a great deal to say on the topic of leadership. And certainly, in the commercial finance industry, we’’ve seen managers who are persuasive, make decisions, display optimism and initiative, but are they real leaders? The following article explores the importance of integrity and unselfishness as two imperative traits in developing leadership in oneself and others.
(Ref # CARM005)

Speaking of Dilution…
A Guide to Dilution Analysis & Receivable Statistics (Part II)

By Joseph R. Caplan, President, Clear Choice Seminars

One of the most hotly debated areas of asset-based lending field exams is dilution and the related data stemming from the calculation of receivable roll-forward data, often called AR Stats. Bar-room level fights? Perhaps not, but business development officers and borrowers have pounded their fists in protest of the results and have been humbled by the findings.

(Ref # CRD019, GEN007)


Making the Room Hum With Anticipation… Conversational Style Translates Into Powerful Presentations
By John Miers, Chairman, Black Isle Consultants

You already know what it takes to have a great conversation. Transfer those skills to your negotiations, and you’ll have clients, creditors and finance partners eagerly anticipating your next presentation.
(Ref # CARM004)

Without the Right Amount of Human Capital –
You’ll Never Have Enough Working Capital

By Michael Semanco, President & COO, Hennessey Capital

Finding, developing and managing valuable characteristics in existing and new personnel is one of the most rewarding initiatives
a turnaround manager will undertake. Accomplishing this lays the groundwork for success. Doing it unsuccessfully usually will be the precursor to failure.
(Ref # TM032)

Delivering “One CIT” Through a Vertical Industry Strategy
A Profile of Rick Wolfert, Vice Chairman, CIT Group / Commercial Finance

When Rick Wolfert was presented with the chance to assume the role of vice chairman for CIT’s Commercial Finance division, he recognized it as a unique opportunity to join CIT at an exciting time in its history. In the following profile, Rick enthusiastically shares the possibilities for CIT’s
future growth and his vision for taking the nearly century-old finance company to the next level.
(Ref # EXEC021)

The “Frauditor”… Providing Peace of Mind, Addressing Fraud Reporting Risks
By William Fischer, Partner, GRASSI & Co.

The next time a field examination is required for a new loan or a troubled loan needs additional monitoring, consider your auditor’s experience as
it relates to fraud detection. The additional cost of hiring a seasoned frauditor can substantially reduce the loan risk and give the financial
institution peace of mind that fraud reporting risks are being properly addressed.
(Ref # FRD011)

Don’t Give Up: Getting Claims Paid in Mid-Market Bankruptcy
By Patrick M. Jones, Esquire, Lord Bissell & Brook LLP

Creditors with significant claims against a bankrupt company give up too often, too early. The generally accepted view is that client bankruptcies are the price of doing business and that bankruptcy is a dead end for creditors. When a mid-market firm files for bankruptcy protection, however, there are often opportunities to recoup a significant percentage of a claim… if you know where to look.
(Ref # LGL041)

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