A Lending Legend: Don Clarke Uses Education to Lead the Asset-Based Finance Industry - Don Clarke has been one of the most recognizable and influential people in the asset-based lending sector globally over the last 40 years and by continuing to impart lessons for the next generation, he is crafting a legacy that will guide the future of the industry.

The Fast and the Curious: Nothing Can Stop Carlyn Taylor - Name any type of consulting work and Carlyn Taylor has probably tried it at least once. The global co-leader of corporate finance and restructuring at FTI Consulting has built an exciting and fulfilling career by never standing still while building trust and supporting colleagues and clients alike.

Miriam Cohen Blazes Her Own Trail in Commercial Finance Law - Miriam Cohen has charted one of the most impressive courses in the realm of commercial finance law by pursuing success while becoming an experienced partner to lenders and borrowers alike, ultimately paving the way for the next generation.

Changing the Answers: Gerald Joseph Built Gerber Finance on Relationship Lending - Gerald Joseph has been in the lending business for nearly 40 years, but his diligent work and client-centric focus while founding and leading Gerber Finance is what sets him apart as a pioneer in the specialty finance industry.

An ABL Artist: Barry Kastner Isn’t Afraid to Color Outside the Lines - Barry Kastner has made a career out of sourcing, negotiating and closing deals. In his newest endeavor at Marco Financial, Kastner is bringing his ‘artful’ approach to the trade finance and financial technology world.

Critical Success: Andrew Pappas Remains Vigilant in Forging Deals - Andrew Pappas has been closing deals in the asset-based lending industry for the better part of 30 years and along the way has established himself as one of the industry’s top producers, particularly with his emphasis on providing total banking solutions.

Not Just a Data Cruncher: Cameron Cook Brings Hard-to-Value Assets to the Table - Cameron Cook is a disruptor in the asset-based lending world due to his strong experience valuing intangible assets such as patents, brands and other intellectual property, a trend he’s helped sustain over the last two decades.

An Unbelievable Business Life: Harriet Greenberg Seeks Balance in Accounting - Harriet Greenberg’s career has been built on her expertise in accounting, but her passion for creating more supportive and accommodating workplaces sets her apart as a leader.

Collateral-Focused: Prapti Basnet Brings a Passion for Underwriting to ABL - As one of this year’s ABF Journal NextGen Icon Award winners, Prapti Basnet’s passion for underwriting is what has kept her going in the industry and what will allow her to lead it into the future.

Well Rounded: Daniel Reilly is Just Getting Started - Daniel Reilly may only be 10 years into his career in specialty finance, but he’s already proving to be a leader in the space by diversifying his skill set and mentoring his junior colleagues at Ares Commercial Finance, the asset-based lending team of Ares Management.



On the Bubble: The Year in Review and What’s in Store for 2022 - Hugh Larratt-Smith speaks with representatives from all corners of the asset-based lending industry to look back at how the market fared in 2021 and how it will develop in 2022.

Feeling the Urgency: How New Technology Will Reshape Asset-Based Lending - In a Q&A for ABF Journal, experts from ABLsoft, CODIX, Finsoft, HPD Lendscape and Solifi explore how the asset-based lending industry’s relationship with emerging technologies is evolving.

The Rise, Fall and Lasting Legacy of FINOVA Capital - It has been 20 years since former commercial finance behemoth FINOVA Capital crumbled into bankruptcy. While it was an exceptionally influential participant in alternative finance during its time, in the two decades since its downfall, the company’s impact can still be felt across the industry.

Making Moves: B. Riley Financial Keeps Building Out its Tool Chest - B. Riley Financial has never been shy about adding new capabilities, but the company has really accelerated its growth strategy in 2021 with some high-profile acquisitions and new division launches. For Bryant Riley and Tom Kelleher, co-CEOs of the company, the interdepartmental cooperation B. Riley brings to each client relationship is allowing it to bulk up successfully.

How to Handle Swap Agreements in Bankruptcy - Jill H. Perrella and Steven D. Jerome of Snell & Wilmer take a look at interest rates and other swap agreements and how they might be affected during bankruptcy filings in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.