ABF Journal’s Second Annual Most Innovative Companies in Specialty Finance - In the second edition of ABF Journal’s list of the Most Innovative Companies in Specialty Finance, we went bigger and better than last year, expanding the breadth of companies to include capital providers, referral sources, service providers and more. In a year once again heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, these companies used ingenuity and adaptability to push themselves forward.


Tackling Issues in Structuring Syndicated Asset-Based Loans - Syndicating asset-based loans is a tried-and-true method of mitigating the risk of overexposure to certain industries and borrowers, but the process is far from simple, especially considering the different types of lenders. Inez M. Markovich and Howard Brod Brownstein outline some important considerations for successful syndication.
Access, Availability and Options: Maintaining Liquidity in Any Market Environment - Ensuring access to capital is a top priority for any business, particularly during times of distress like the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure a consistent flow of capital, businesses must diversify their sources, minimize costs and keep their options open.
New Moon: Inside Encina Business Credit’s Recapitalization and Transformation - With an expanded capital base and a new funding partner in Barings, Encina Business Credit (now Eclipse Business Capital) is taking the next step on its growth trajectory, but as much as things change, the company’s successful approach to the market will stay the same.
Who’s Next?: FrontWell Capital Partners Blends the Science and Art of Asset-Based Lending - FrontWell Capital Partners is a newer entrant in the asset-based lending world, but with its selective approach, experienced management team and laser focus on the opportunities it sees in the Canadian marketplace, it has made itself a company to watch.