Q1 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Issue

Q1 2022 | Vol. 20, No. 1

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2022 Women in ABL

For its second annual Top Women in Asset-Based Lending feature, ABF Journal spoke to more than 50 of the most influential women in the ABL industry across multiple disciplines to learn about the challenges they’ve overcome, the lessons they’ve learned and the many successes they’ve achieved.... read more

Beyond Inclusion: The Importance of Avoiding Tokenism to Dismantle Systemic Inequity

There is no quick fix to racial inequity in the workplace. For companies to avoid performative actions and tokenism, they must acknowledge and understand how their systems are influenced by the history of systemic racism and commit to the long-term, organization-wide efforts it takes to build new standards. ... read more

DE&I as a Science: Protecting the Health of Black Women in the Workplace

Black women who endure racism in the workplace also face heightened levels of stress and the corresponding risk of negative health outcomes. According to Angelica Geter, chief strategy officer with the Black Women’s Health Imperative, to combat the negative health ramifications of hostile work environments, it is critical to take a research-based approach to diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. ... read more

Respecting Identity: How to Create a Gender-Affirming Work Environment

Creating a fully inclusive workplace requires acceptance and support for all gender identities, including transgender employees and those who identify as non-binary, and a holistic approach to building a gender-affirming culture. ... read more

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