A Crucial Link in Complex Specialty Finance: The Role of Debt Advisors in Asset Based Lending - Navigating the waters of specialty lending can be a challenge for lenders not familiar with industries like education, staffing or cannabis. Debt advisors provide expertise in those areas and can broker deals, acting as matchmakers between borrowers and lenders. Hugh Larratt Smith takes a look at this rising industry and explains the value debt advisors can bring to specialty lending.


Instant Funding, Seamless Customer Transactions Fintech Lenders Transform Small Business Lending - In the past decade, growth in financial technology has spawned a new generation of online lenders. These lenders use the latest technology to underwrite and finance small business loans. Customers can apply online and receive funding in 24 hours in some cases. ABF Journal Editor Nadine Bonner speaks with executives from three fintech companies that specialize in small business loans.
New Directions: Bain Capital and Antares Capital Join Forces to Provide Unitranche Lending - Both Bain Capital and Antares Capital have global reputations as investment firms. So there was more than a bit of frisson in the lending world when the two companies announced a joint venture in December. This unique unitranche platform combines the strengths of both companies and provides an unusual opportunity for partnership. Bain Managing Director Michael Ewald and Antares Senior Managing Director Timothy Lyne share their thoughts about the new platform with ABF Journal Editor Nadine Bonner.
Once Again, the Bulls are Running: 2018 Citizens Bank M&A Survey Reflects Strong Sellers’ Market - In 2017, Citizens Bank took an unusual step with its annual M&A Advisory Survey — it polled business decision-makers before and after the election to test the impact. Optimism was high in the post-election survey, and in 2018, it is higher still. Ralph Della Ratta, head of M&A Advisory at Citizens Capital Markets, explains why this is a good time to sell and encourages lenders to push customers towards eager buyers.
Built for This: Courcier Raises the Bar for Hilco Construction & Transportation Advisory - With 30 years in the industry, Hilco Valuation Services has grown by bringing in value-added services. Its newest unit will cover Construction and Transportation Advisory. Bryan Courcier has the hands-on experience to not only develop the business, but to make it an authority.


Other People’s Money: What Turnarounds Teach Us About Working with Lenders when a Deal Goes South - While lenders carefully scrutinize companies seeking to borrow money, borrowers rarely exercise the same due diligence to screen potential lenders. No one embarks on a business venture planning to fail, but it does happen. Bayard Hollingsworth advises borrowers to investigate the ways lenders handle a deal that goes wrong before accepting other people’s money.


Accurate Appraisals Ground Airballs But Will They Hold Up if a Recession Hits? - The soaring stock market has resulted in a frothy ABL market with competition at an all-time high and liquidations, outside of retail, at a low. Appraisals from the Big Four firms have held up. Charlie Perer looks into his crystal ball to envision the ABL scenario when the next recession hits.


Understanding Borrowers’ Claims Against Lenders - Losing its business and having to repay its debts can compel a bitter borrower to retaliate against a lender, blaming the lender for its default. Jeffrey Wurst notes the courts do not always favor borrowers, as a recent suit filed against MB Financial Bank demonstrates.


Meta Financial to Acquire Crestmark - The year kicked off with the surprise acquisition of Crestmark Bank by Meta Financial. Jerry Gonzalez provides his illustrated take on the merger.