DIGITAL SOLUTIONS TO ABL DILEMMAS: Streamlining the Lending Process Through Technology - For many borrowers, asset-based loans are a lifeline, providing access to working capital that supports their businesses. But no one would deny that the loan process and follow-up monitoring is archaic and cumbersome. Craig Sproule explains how “no code” digital solutions can change the process and create a more efficient, cost-effective ABL lending platform.


BURNLEY CAPITAL LAUNCHES TO PROVIDE BORROWERS WITH MORE THAN A CHECKBOOK - Burnley Capital, a new ABL lender, is a partnership between a lender in Boston and a management consultant in Minneapolis, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the pair are able to work together without relocating. They offer borrowers more than a checkbook; the company sees the value-added assistance it provides as a way to help borrowers succeed.

WHEN IT’S TIME TO STEP AWAY FROM TRADITIONAL ASSET-BASED LENDING FACILITIES - Tired of trying to stand out in a crowded ABL market, Briar Capital chose to move in a different direction. The company had always offered ABL real estate-based loans. Now Briar is exclusively lending against owner-occupied commercial real estate. Jeff Van Sickle explains how Briar arrived at this decision and shows how the company is able to work with asset-based lenders who previously viewed it with suspicion.


TAKING THE TEMPERATURE OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Why Lenders Should Pay More Attention to Their Borrowers’ Corporate Governance - A strong, independent board of directors can help keep a company on the right financial track. Howard Brod Brownstein, who sits on several corporate boards himself, urges lenders to take a hard look at a borrower’s board of directors before extending a loan or agreeing to forbearance. Brownstein makes a case for lenders to insist on corporate governance before handing over the cash.


STRONG MARKET TAILWINDS PROMISE BRIGHT FUTURE FOR AVIATION LENDING - For passengers, the thrill of flying has dimmed as we’ve been shoehorned into seats and charged for our in-flight beverages. Yet Jennifer Villa Tennity points out that despite these inconveniences, air travel is still booming. For aviation lenders, this is very good news.


DON’T WAIVE WAIVERS IN LOAN DOCUMENTS - Jeffrey Wurst cautions lenders “to plan your divorce before you get married,” when preparing loan documents. Incorporating waivers is one way to avoid subsequent litigation. A Texas case illustrates how even unenforceable waivers can strengthen a lender’s position.