Moving On Up: Monroe Capital’s Rise, New Venture and Promising Future - As Monroe Capital enters its second decade in business, president and CEO Ted Koenig looks back at the challenges of the Great Recession and shares his vision for a bright future.


Effective Due Diligence for Lenders: Looking Beyond the Numbers - Ken Naglewski explains why lenders should take a holistic approach to due diligence before closing on a loan. He provides several case studies which demonstrate that scrutinizing only a borrower’s numbers may not be enough to provide an accurate picture of the borrower’s true situation.
Cross-border Asset-Based Lending Doing Business in a Global Economy - As the world moves toward a global economy, cross-border asset-based lending is becoming a way for small- and medium-sized businesses to work together to complete transactions. Fatos Selita discusses the advantages of crossing borders to make deals.
Traits of the Best Turnaround Consultants: Flexibility, Objectivity, Experience & Customization - Attorney John Wirth discusses the essential qualities possessed by the best turnaround consultants. He demonstrates how these experts bring a fresh perspective to a difficult situation by taking an objective, flexible and customized approach to the turnaround efforts of a struggling business.
IP Asset Value as Collateral:  The Increasing Use of Patents as Collateral in Asset-Based Lending - Sung Kim of Appraisal Economics discusses the emerging trend of using patents as collateral in asset-based lending.
Fierce Middle Market Competition: Creating Opportunities From Challenges in Senior Secured Lending - Many challenges exist in the ABL industry today, including increased regulation and a growing number of competitors. Mike Sharkey shows how lenders can turn these challenges into opportunities for new business.


Making the Right Choice . . . Chief Restructuring Officer or Restructuring Consultant? - Companies are like people — some are more willing to listen to advice than others. As a lender to a struggling company, you have to evaluate the people involved and the situation before deciding if it needs a CRO or a restructuring consultant. A.R. Williams offers some advice to help you make the right choice.


Lending Against Consigned Inventory: Making It Work For Both The Borrower And Lender - Sometimes suppliers agree to place inventory with manufacturers on a consignment basis. Attorney Anthony Cianciotti points out the pitfalls lurking in such arrangements and provides legal avenues to protect suppliers from loss.


The Deceptive Balance Sheet: Determining Value in Liquidation Analysis - A customer’s balance sheet can appear straightforward, but there are hidden triggers that can cause unexpected problems during chapter 11 proceedings. Kenneth Rosen, who leads the bankruptcy department at Lowenstein Sandler, reveals these unexpected traps.


Monroe Capital Hires Moser, Price to Co-Lead New ABL Group - ABF Journal illustrator Jerry Gonzalez provides his take on Ted Koenig, Monroe Capital President and CEO, calling Andy Moser and Marc Price off the bench to “play” for his team.