Highs and Lows: ABL Leaders Unpack 2020 and Prepare for 2021 - To get a handle on how the asset-based lending industry has traversed a tumultuous 2020 and where it is headed in 2021, ABF Journal spoke with executives from Siena Lending Group, Context Business Lending, PNC and BMO Harris in an exclusive Q&A.

The Rise of Bank-Owned Asset-Based Lenders that Act Like Non-Banks - Charlie Perer outlines an emerging trend of bank-owned asset-based lending divisions conducting business in a fashion similar to non-bank asset-based lenders while gaining an advantage due to the ability to price like a bank.

Growing Gerber: Exploring Gerber Finance’s Rapid Evolution in 2020 - Gerber Finance has been exceptionally busy in 2020. In addition to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company installed Jennifer Palmer as its new CEO and launched two divisions to better serve existing and prospective clients. Through it all, the company has maintained its dedication to service while keeping an eye on the future.

Callodine Commerical Finance Seeks a Bigger Piece of the Private Credit Pie - The Callodine Group became one of the newest entrants to the asset-based lending and private credit sector when it acquired Gordon Brothers Finance Company and rebranded it as Callodine Commercial Finance. With an experienced team in place, the new entity is looking to attack a market rife with opportunities.

Overlooked Assets: Using Patents for Financing New Businesses - The use of patents as loan collateral by early stage companies is extremely rare. But these companies can unlock the collateral value of their patents and secure cost-effective financing by using insurance to transfer business viability risks.

European Direct Lending May Help Bridge Gaps in Yield, Risk and Diversification - As the U.S. institutional investment market continues to grapple with the economic impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Symon Drake-Brockman of Pemberton argues that looking to the direct lending market in Europe could be a solution.

Time is Running Out for Lenders to Protect Against Defaults on Non-Performing Loans - With COVID-19 causing a drastic decline in revenues for many businesses, lenders have made a number of accommodations for non-performing loans, particularly through short-term deferrals. However, as the pandemic rages on, Bill Lawrence explains why lenders need to be proactive to avoid risk.


Evaluating Working Capital in the ‘New Normal’ of the COVID-19 ABL World - As the COVID-19 pandemic ramps back up through the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, a tentative ‘new normal’ has set in for borrowers and lenders alike. Juanita Schwartzkopf explains how asset-based lenders should adjust their evaluation processes for working capital in this environment.