Disposition Experience… Driving the Trading Value of Assets

Kenneth S. Frieze, CEO of Gordon Brothers Group, examines risk factors associated with underwriting new loans and recovering on those in distress. He notes that “getting it right out of the gate” requires a deep understanding of the trading value of assets, and asserts that nothing can substitute for disposition experience.

Strategic Acquisition to Drive Profits: MB Business Capital’s Michael Sharkey Sees Bright Future for Rebranded ABL

In this Q&A with Michael Sharkey, the president of MB Business Capital discusses plans for the newly rebranded commercial bank, formerly Cole Taylor Business Capital, following MB Financial’s acquisition of Taylor Capital Group in August 2014. Sharkey aims to steer MB Business Capital toward becoming one of the country’s top ABLs.

Anatomy of a Fraud: Playing Defense to Minimize Losses

Joseph Iannuccilli, founder and CEO of Sound Shore Financial, recounts a memorable fraud uncovered by his field examination firm, and illuminates why a field exam is key to avoiding or minimizing loan losses for a lender. In this case, the lender noticed availability tightening, receivable turnover dramatically increasing and the loan balance rising.

No ‘Cookie Cutter Deals’ — Why Creativity is Key to Winning Business in 2015

Though similar themes of high liquidity, increased competition and decreased spreads continue to echo in the market, five industry luminaries share their thoughts with longtime ABF Journal contributor Lisa Miller on new money opportunities, what it takes to win a deal today, when interest rates will rise — and more.

New Asset Management Vehicle… Harnessing a Market Opportunity

Walter Owens, CEO of Varagon Capital Partners, talks about co-founding the one-stop asset manager, providing transparency to build confidence in sponsors and investors, and solidifying the reputation of his new team by financing solutions up and down the capital structure.

The Restructuring of Kodak: Bringing Two Well-Positioned Companies into Focus

From Eastman Kodak Company’s storied past to its struggles with market forces and Chapter 11, AlixPartners takes us inside how it played a pivotal role in restructuring and splitting apart an iconic company that stands as one of the most innovative, unusual and successful deals ever consummated in the history of cross-border insolvency.

Auto Business Transformation: Going From Too Many to a Profitable Few

Jon Jensen, managing director at Gavin/Solmonese, gives an inside account on how his firm intervened on behalf of an automobile group facing bankruptcy, and affected a turnaround that encompassed closing weak stores and reducing corporate overhead to create a framework within which to operate the surviving businesses more profitably.

View From The Top: Turnaround Award Winner Reflects on Notable Assignments

The 2013 M&A Advisor’s Turnaround Consultant of the Year, Mesirow Financial Consulting President Larry Lattig, talks turnarounds, industry outlook and his good fortune at having a highly competent staff surrounding him.

Choosing the Right Loan Structure — In a Borrower’s Market

Wells Fargo Capital Finance’s Barry Bobrow writes to the CFO to explain the benefits of stepping outside the traditional loan structure and into an asset-based facility. Using some case studies as an example, Bobrow is able to highlight why choosing an ABL structure better fits the needs of certain borrowers in an ever evolving market.

From the Ground Up — Eastern Bank Calls on Barnhard to Launch ABL Group

Eastern Bank’s recent growth has led to its launch of an asset-based lending unit, headed by Robert Barnhard as team leader. Drawing upon experience gained at RBS Citizens, LaSalle Bank, IBJ Schroder and Gordon Brothers Finance, Barnhard has just the level of expertise the bank needs to become a go-to asset-based lender.