ABI 9th Annual Forty-Hour Bankruptcy Mediation Program

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Dec 09, 2018-Dec 13, 2018
All Day

St. John's University School of Law’s Manhattan Campus


ABI 2018 40 Hour Bankruptcy Training

The ABI/St. John’s Bankruptcy Mediation Training is a collaboration among three leaders in the field of bankruptcy education and mediation training: ABI, St. John’s Center for Bankruptcy Studies, and St. John’s Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution. The program is designed to educate mediators about the theory, skills and specific practice challenges of bankruptcy mediation.

Issues covered under the program include:

  • Understanding the Anatomy of a Successful Bankruptcy Mediation
  • Maximizing Pre-Mediation Opportunities
  • Managing the Multi-Party Dynamics of Bankruptcy Mediation
  • Analyzing Impasses in Bankruptcy and Applying Impasse-Breaking Skills
  • Mediating Valuation Conflicts Without Having the Mediator Evaluate
  • Distinguishing Between Writing Mediation Summaries and Drafting Agreements
  • Defining Bankruptcy Mediation Ethics Within a Collegial Bankruptcy Community
  • Maintaining Momentum and Ensuring Continuity in Multi-Session Mediations

Early bird rates end October 31, 2018.

For more information, including how to register, visit the ABI event page.